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Alisa (pronounced Uh•Liss•Uh)
20, living in Philly.
Biracial beauty (African American & German) born on the 4th of July.


Happy Born Day 2 ya homeboy 
Proud of ya @doliversub13

My hurdle hubby!
22. April 2014


Before you cheat on her just imagine the way she sucks and fucks you , the way her pussy locks on that dick , the faces and noises she makes , and the way she looks back at you moaning softly when you’re hitting it right….. Now imagine her doing that to another nigga
Hmm think about it

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Anonymous: How would you purpose to someone?


Ideally first I’d take my girl to a beyonce concert

*Beyonce comes out* 

Beyonce: Let me hear you say “Hey, Mrs.Broughton”

*Beyonce winks at you while you turn around and see me on one knee*

*The words “Is you tryna be the permanent bae” lights up in the background while Bey starts singing love on top*